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Life After Life

I feel a little behind on Kate Atkinson's Life After Life because I knew a bunch of people raving about it when it came out. Finally, someone let me borrow it (this whole borrowing books thing, which is kind of new to... Continue Reading →


Not Book Love

As you can see, my post features a video game today. I've had an odd sort of day where I couldn't concentrate and ended up doing tons of different things. I've looked at apartments, worked on a project I've been... Continue Reading →


I know I talked about Startup yesterday, but I wanted to share my reaction to finishing the book. Yesterday, lukewarm could describe how I thought about the book. I was getting into it, but I wasn't overly psyched about finishing it.... Continue Reading →

April BOTM: One Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter. Startup.

Whew. What a title. Yes, that is only two book titles in my blog title. I would also like to take a moment to point out that these books were great choices for April because they are so colorful, bright,... Continue Reading →

Book versus Movie: Fellowship of the Ring

I haven't done one of these in a long time! If you don't know, I don't hold to the "book is always better than the movie" argument. Books and films are different mediums, and both have their merits. I do,... Continue Reading →

Books Mentioned in Clare’s Clockwork Series

While reading the Clockwork series by Cassandra Clare, I was very appreciative of how often literature is discussed and quoted in the novels. I naturally wanted to read some of the books mentioned, so I decided to keep a list... Continue Reading →

Clockwork Princess

I have finished Cassandra Clare's Clockwork series, and I absolutely loved it. It was an emotional journey, and I'm fighting with myself about how I feel about it. I like that in a novel. "Opposition is true friendship." -William Blake... Continue Reading →

Clockwork Angel, A Review: A Haiku

Just finished Angel I have a lot of feelings Confused by them all I honestly don't know how to talk about this book without giving anything away, so there's my haiku about it. I do have a couple of notes... Continue Reading →

Against the Tide

Against the Tide by Elizabeth Camden was...interesting. Spoilers-ish ahead. There's a bad guy who is an opium drug lord who really loves to collect books and ancient manuscripts. He can only be thwarted by a girl who can translate and the guy... Continue Reading →