Top Ten Tuesday: TBR Shame

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday theme is Books That Have Been On My TBR the Longest and I Still Haven’t Read (visit That Artsy Reader Girl to see the new theme each week). Honestly, this post should just be a picture of me laying on the floor crying in front of my book shelf because it’s just that many.

A TBR is a “to be read” list by the way. I had to hunt the term down the first time I heard it, so I figured I would save someone else the trouble.

  1. I Am Not Spock by Leonard Nimoy. Strangely, I read (listened to) the follow up (I Am Spock) to this book first. I really want to read this one, but every time I think of picking it up, it just seems too sad.
  2. Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham. Normally books suggested by friends shoot to the top of my TBR, but I bought this book while I was watching the new Gilmore Girls season on Netflix. I was just too mad after seeing the last episode to read it, but I think I’m okay now.
  3. The Dark Tower by Stephen King. I’m afraid to start it because I only have the first book, and I don’t want this to happen: tenor
  4. Mrs. Engels by Gavin McCrea. This book was on my Amazon wishlist for a ridiculously long time, and now it has been on my actual shelf for a ridiculously long time.
  5. The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson. Everyone on Instagram got really hype about this one for awhile. Plus it had dogs on the cover. I bought it, and it has just sat there.
  6. Lady Susan/The Watsons/Sanditon by Jane Austen. I pick this book up and stare at it a lot. I know it won’t be as well formed as her later novels, but I don’t know if I’m mentally prepared to never have new Austen fiction to read again.
  7. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. Based on everything I’ve read about this book, I think I would like it, but I’m worried I’ll hate it as much as Great Expectations.
  8. The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner by James Hogg. I’ve had this book for several years. My Romantic Era survey professor had it on a list of works we would read, and then he changed his mind a couple of days before the semester started. I’m still very much interested in reading it. I just never have.
  9. Vanity Fair by William Thackeray. I feel wishy washy about this book. I want to read it, but I feel no real excitement about it.
  10. The Complete Fiction by H.P. Lovecraft. This book is one of the oldest on my shelves that I haven’t actually read. I can’t part with it, but I also haven’t been able to say, “yes, I will start this book today!” I honestly don’t even know why.


If I said, “you know what, I’m going to get rid of everything that I’ve had for more than a year and still haven’t read,” my shelves would suddenly become very empty. My hodge podge collection has a lot of unread books that I keep adding to, but I never want for something to read. Sometimes I have trouble deciding, but I have a mix of every genre I would want. When I move them around, I find something I forgot and end up reading it right then. Some people like to have less clutter, and that’s okay. Some people are like me and want basically a bookstore of fresh material, and that’s okay too. I named this post TBR shame as a short version of the title, but I really don’t feel shame about all of the books I have. My only worry is that I don’t have even time to read everything I will ever want to.



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