Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Just know that I will probably never stop talking about Neil Gaiman. I think he’s my favorite modern author. I finished Stardust the other day. Basically, boy loves girl. Boy promises to retrieve a fallen star for girl. Boy goes into fairyland (Faerie) to retrieve it. Adventure ensues.

One problem I have with these types of stories is the walking and then the walking followed by more walking. World building is awesome, but sometimes I just want the dang story to continue. This book uses a couple of devices to cut a lot of that out, and it’s a nice break from the conventional adventure story.

You also don’t see every character twice in this book. The cool part about stories where people travel through new and mysterious lands is the variety of characters they meet. The annoying part of that is when authors feel the need to bring back every single character in the final few chapters. Do they honestly think in the whole big world that the protagonist would meet everyone twice? That doesn’t happen here. Some characters return while some don’t, so there are neat little vignettes throughout the novel, which helps keep the story fresh.

The book is an easy read because the tone and style very naturally carry the reader through. It has a nice, consistent sense of humor. It feels like a fable and is reminiscent of the stories by the Grimm Brothers.

Who would like it? Neil Gaiman’s books are great and well crafted, and everyone should read them. Stardust is not kid friendly.

Featured Photo: I took the picture of this book with a candle because the candle smells like magic and cookies and was an awesome accompaniment to this story.



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