My mind is all Keats.

I’m still stuck in snowmageddon, and I’m getting pretty antsy in the house. I decided to see what the snowy woods looked like when I took the dogs out, and while I was looking around the trees, I started thinking about poems. I did think of the obvious “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost, which is a fine poem to think of especially in this weather; however, John Keats came most prominently to my mind.

While looking at this beautiful scenery, I thought of the poem pictured in the featured image, which you can read more easily here: “In Drear Nighted December.”


How could I not with the “happy, happy tree” and “happy, happy brook” coated with snow? I also found “O thou whose face hath felt the Winter’s wind” when I opened my well-loved and well-worn copy of Keats’s poems. That line describes all of us during this cold January!

What I love most about Keats is how much he appreciates things: nature, learning, his friends, his love (who is one of my dog Fanny’s namesakes), etc. Keats is a good poet to read when you’re struggling to find good in everyday life. He makes even the simplest things the absolute height of enjoyment. He’s good for a laugh, a cry, a deeper understanding, or anything else you could wish really.



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