On this, the day of Harry Potter’s birth, I find myself remembering how much I appreciate these books. They have always been there when I am sad or when I feel not completely here. They made me interested in more types of books and genres. They made me want to explore my historical interests deeper. They have brought and kept some wonderful friends into my life, both real life and fictional. And one thing I feel is not mentioned enough in connection to these books: they are just plain fun entertainment. Thus far, nothing has equaled this series for me, and I’m not sure another series ever will.

My last foray into the series was listening to the first three audiobooks again last month. I’m incredibly sad I don’t have the others. I hope they come my way soon! This series, Jane Austen’s novels, The Scarlet Letter, Sherlock Holmes stories, Frankenstein, and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series are my favorites to reread. Some people don’t like rereading, and that is perfectly fine. Personally, I like finding new things in old stories and remembering who I was when I read it the first time and thinking about how different aspects are more important or stand out more as I grow.

As for the usual Potter questions: My house is Gryffindor. My favorite of the series is Prisoner of Azkaban. Hermione and Sirius are my favorites. The movies make me very sad as both a cine- and a Potter-phile, but the first two are my faves because I think they captured the books’ essence, which the others failed to do for me. I like the video games; the Lego ones are the bomb.

I welcome any other Potter questions, and I would love to hear about your thoughts on the series and rereading favorite series in general.