As you can see, my post features a video game today.

I’ve had an odd sort of day where I couldn’t concentrate and ended up doing tons of different things. I’ve looked at apartments, worked on a project I’ve been doing for someone, looked up some things I can do where I live since I can’t afford a vacation, read, watched, and played different things. Not to mention laid in bed for 3 hours after I woke up. It was my first day I really felt like my time off started. I think I did okay and relaxed as well as I am able.

First, I’m reading Life after Life by Kate Atkinson on recommendation and loan from a good friend. I like it very much so far. It isn’t what I expected, but that isn’t a bad thing at all.

I watched some wrestling today, but WWE Network cut out. I had to switch to Netflix, which I initially avoided because I didn’t want to think about what new show to start. Surprisingly, I landed on a show pretty quickly and started The Crown, which is about Queen Elizabeth II’s life starting in the 1940s. Claire Foy plays Elizabeth, and she is amazing and darling and beautiful. Her performance has completely captivated me. Matt Smith plays Philip, and he’s quite adorable so far. Although, I suspect he will start breaking my heart soon. John Lithgow plays Winston Churchill; while his accent (lack of) is unfortunate, his performance is stellar. Everyone else in the cast is also impressive, but these three really have me hooked.

Now the game. I started Batman: The Telltale Series, which I found in a Wal-Mart discount bin. Honestly, I bought it just because it said Batman and didn’t really look at what it was about. As it turns out, it’s basically a choose your own adventure book with pictures and buttons instead of pages. It’s mostly watching an animated video, but you move Batman/Bruce Wayne, direct him in fights, and choose what he says while talking to people. I’m having fun with it and will probably play it a few times, making different choices. I’m sure if I read reviews, I would find a bunch of unhappy people, but I enjoy this format. It’s like reading a comic book where you control the story. It looks like I have the option to download another DC story, which I will most likely do because it’s fun, relaxing, and easy entertainment.

The animation is not the smoothest. There are a couple of jumps when saving or moving to a new scene. However, the game is drawn in comic book style and looks really cool. There have been a couple of scenes that made me wish my Playstation could take screenshots. If you like games, stories, or comics, this game is a good way to spend a rainy afternoon.

I hope you don’t mind my deviation from bookish things, but I love all things pop culture. Sometimes you just have to talk about all your loves. Speaking of all my loves, the Batman game reminded me there’s a Jane Austen choose your own adventure book, and I have a five dollar Amazon gift card…