I know I talked about Startup yesterday, but I wanted to share my reaction to finishing the book.

Yesterday, lukewarm could describe how I thought about the book. I was getting into it, but I wasn’t overly psyched about finishing it. I spoke too soon, however. Just a few pages after that, I went over the roller coaster bump.

You know how when you’re on a roller coaster going up the incline and you’re thinking, “this won’t be that scary or exciting. It’ll be a small drop” and then suddenly you reach the top and say “oh s*&$!” because you see that you are, in fact, about to go screaming hundreds of feet back to the ground. After the drop, you’re twisting and turning incredibly fast until you screech to a halt at the end of the track. This cliche metaphor works incredibly well for this book.

I stand by the juicy gossip statement because it IS juicy office gossip. The end of the book started coming up very fast, and I couldn’t see how everything would get resolved. BUT I NEEDED TO KNOW!

I liked the little references that came up throughout the story. There’s a secret Twitter account where I was thinking this thing is a little Gossip Girl, and then Shafrir referenced Gossip Girl in connection to the account. I read that and thought, “Ah, Shafrir. You cheeky bastard. I love ya.” Those little nods firmly embed the novel in the current real world.

The women in this novel sneak up and become the stars, and it. is. awesome. They’re very real women, who aren’t creepily perfect. It hardly seems like a conscience decision on the author’s part that they become the heroines because they are so perfectly normal throughout the entire story. Sabrina, Katya, and Isabel are complex and fascinating characters that I would gladly read more about. The novel ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, making it easy to continue in a sequel. I hope the author decides to write one.

I recommend the novel to all (though not the young ones as I said in my last post), and I’m very glad I added it to my Book of the Month box.


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