I have finished Cassandra Clare’s Clockwork series, and I absolutely loved it. It was an emotional journey, and I’m fighting with myself about how I feel about it. I like that in a novel.

“Opposition is true friendship.” -William Blake

I’ve taken a page from Will and Tessa and shamelessly quoted a favorite poet because I differed with many of my friends concerning opinions on this book. Some thought the series focused too much on the love story. Oddly, I disagree. I thought the books were well balanced. While they do focus on the emotions and relationships of the characters, there is a fair amount of focus on ALL the characters. The second book focused more on characters and relationships, and the third brings everything home and focuses on how the end of the adventure affects everyone.

I love Charlotte Branwell. Her story in the third book had me on an emotional roller coaster that I thoroughly enjoyed and would ride ten times in a row. This young adult story is actually a great feminist story instead of just claiming to be one. The ladies kick butt! Sophie is a surprising and amazing heroine, and honestly, I would vote for Charlotte to run everything.

One thing that was different about the third book and that I really appreciated was the use of letters. Letters are incredibly important in Victorian novels. Some novels are even written only through characters’ letters. One plot line in Clockwork Princess is almost exclusively shown through letters, which I thought was another brilliant nod to classical literature as well as an interesting storytelling technique that showed a variety of perspectives.

I must say the ending was rather selfish of the author because she gives Tessa multiple happy endings, which isn’t really fair. To avoid spoiling anything, I will not say more.

All in all, I found the series delightful. It showed the author’s high appreciation of literature and had me emotionally invested in the characters’ stories. It also gave me an awesome list of books to look for (more on that soon).