Song of the Spirits is the sequel to Sarah Lark’s In the Land of the Long White Cloud that I raved about a few posts ago. Frankly, I was disappointed in the sequel. It was a little shaky at first because it was doing the whole review what happened in the first book thing and reminding you of how the new focus characters are related to the old ones. Then it started focusing on one character, and I was fascinated by her story. Buuuuuutttttttt then the focus shifts to a whiny, shallow character that I couldn’t love.

Elaine’s storyline was great, and I enjoyed her parts. In a move that shocked and disappointed me, however, the author focuses the most on the relatively flat Kura. Kura sucks as a person. She does crappy things, and she is selfish and completely focused on her own goals. I admit that she redeems herself a bit later in the book, and I sort of liked her at that point. That didn’t happen until I started getting excited about the story again. The audiobook was 20 hours though, and I didn’t start getting truly excited about the story until the last 3. That is a lot of middle that did not meet my expectations.

I usually find this problem with series though; there is almost always one book in a series that I dislike or just completely refuse to read again. It did keep enough of the magic from the first book that I won’t abandon the series though. I have hopes for the third book and for Kura.