It’s time for a comeback story! I gave up on Brandson Sanderson a long time ago after trying to read The Way of Kings. I could NOT deal with that book because at the 200 page mark he was still introducing new characters without having gone back to any he had introduced already, and I forgot who some people were because he was just taking too long. So I put it down and decided Sanderson was not for me. This fact offended one of my friends and all of her ancestors because she loves Sanderson. She thought about it and handed me this copy of Elantris to try out.

Annoyingly and beautifully, I love it. This story has everything I want: magic, badass princess, soft-hearted but still also pretty badass prince, rebellion, ancient mysteries. All the good stuff really.

Ending at a little over 600 pages, the book has a lot to offer, and most of it is pretty great. The only aspects I can think of that I was unhappy with are 1) the princess failed to figure out something that was COMPLETELY obvious and 2) the epilogue gave what I felt was a strange amount of importance to a certain character. Other than that, I was interested throughout the entire story, and I was actively trying to figure out the mysteries; I like when a book entertains and makes me think. The characters are well developed and have distinct personalities, and there was a good amount of sass shared among them. You know how I love the sass. “I was being polite…It’s bad form to spoil a man’s surprise just because your spies are efficient”

Elantris was definitely good enough for me to give Brandon Sanderson another shot, but I’m still not sure I could try The Way of Kings again. Have you ever had a love/hate relationship with an author where you couldn’t get enough of one or some of their stories and couldn’t wait to put down others?