The Bookseller

It’s the return of books about books…sort of. I thought a book about a bookseller would contain more references to books, but there weren’t very many at all. I’m not even sure The Bookseller is what the book should be titled.

I finished this book against my own will. I needed to know how it ended, but I did not enjoy getting there. The story was fairly boring. Essentially, the main character is living two lives through dreaming, and which one is her real life starts to become foggy. The concept was very interesting, but the narrator seemed to hate both of her lives. The moral lesson she learned came a little too quickly when it did eventually come because it’s a complete 180 out of nowhere. There were, of course, moments where her loved ones start noticing she’s acting strangely, and she naturally tells them what’s going on; she leaves out the most important facts that would tell them that something is actually happening to her though. All in all, the story was very uneven writing wise.

As always, I didn’t like it, but others might. If you think the double life dream concept was neat, don’t be afraid to try it. Cynthia Swanson just may not be the writer for me.


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