I inadvertently had a bit of a creepy run with Audible after my super awesome space story.

I listened to Brave New World first. I probably don’t need to tell you that this story is fascinating and eerily relevant. You have probably read it before, and if you haven’t, you have heard about it most likely. If you read it years ago and thought, “Gee golly, this story is relevant to society now.” I’m very sorry to tell you it still is. The story is quite entertaining even though it is heavy social commentary. I realized during this listening that I never actually finished the story when I dove into it before. I honestly don’t know how I left it hanging, but I did. I also had no idea how it ended, and I was completely shocked but not at all surprised by the ending. Read it or listen to it, and you’ll know what I mean. As you can see, I listened to a version read by Michael York, which normally I would be jumping with joy about; however, I did not like listening to the story at all. This story just does not read out loud well to me. I understand that it is satirical and reaches to the ridiculous at times, but hearing certain parts read out loud just sounded absurd.

After finishing this heavy hitter, I thought I would enjoy a short story. I had this thriller waiting…

To Die For

I’m just going to say it was really stupid to choose this story for a light read. Alice Clark-Platts’s “To Die For” opens with a young man contemplating suicide and deep-sea dives deeper into the dark parts of humanity after that. It was ‘A gripping, highly charged thriller’ as Ralph Fiennes said. I felt…gobsmacked (Yes, that is a strong enough word.) after I finished it. There were more twists than I thought possibly in such a short work, and ecstatic and devastated by each one (again, just read or listen to it to understand).

Both stories are nail-biters, and I was very jumpy while listening to them as I moved books around dusty shelves at work. I recommend both books, and I would even recommend you take them in together like I did. Be warned though. I felt like I needed a hug after listening to these, and I don’t even like hugging people.