Amazing, Fantastic, Incredible are not just descriptions. They are the first three words in the title to Stan Lee’s memoir about working with Marvel. This book is a graphic novel, but I actually listened to it on Audible, which was very interesting. The Audible production is great; Peter Riegert did a great job with the narration, and Stan Lee read the introduction. The audio also has fun sound effects that helped keep the graphic novel feel. I do want to get a print copy to see the pictures though. If you want to check it out, I suggest checking out both.

The memoir focused on Stan Lee’s life with Marvel. It does delve into his personal life, but mostly it focuses on the opportunities the comic book world gave him and how he felt through all of it. I really enjoyed getting that background knowledge. Listening to how the company was born and the struggles it faced over the years was very interesting to me. I think any Marvel fan would really love this memoir.

Something else also made me love the story: it made me want to read more. After listening to it, I couldn’t wait to jump back into comic reading. AND it got me excited about a book I didn’t know about. Did you know that Stan Lee guest wrote for DC Comics? Neither did I! It’s called Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating the DC Universe, and the story is exactly what it sounds like; Stan Lee wrote several of the most popular DC characters in the way he wrote many of Marvel’s most popular. I think it will be my second favorite crossover. The first being John Byrne’s Batman & Captain America.

Being a graphic novel, it was a short listen, and I’m sure it’s also a short read. I had a lot of fun listening to it, and it did everything a memoir should: entertained, helped me get to know the subject better, and made me get excited about the work the subject has done in the world. Go forth and read!

And, of course, EXCELSIOR!