I thought this novel was both a very good love story and a very good finding yourself story. It’s sad how rarely those two types of stories really come together.

The story was very interesting because it tackles a fear that I think everyone who has lost the person they love feels: is it a betrayal to move on when the person I pledged my heart to dies? She adds an extra layer to it by bringing the first love back (not a spoiler because you learn this immediately). Throughout the novel, Reid jumps right into how these people would be feeling, no matter how ugly or selfish or upsetting it is. Her characters have great emotional range. Even the side characters are done well because they don’t have all the answers. ALL of the characters are realistic, which is one of the greatest gifts that fiction can give us. The main character is especially well done because most of the time I liked her, and sometimes she annoyed me; in other words, she was like a real person that I felt I knew.

This novel isn’t from my favorite genre to read, but it was very good. I enjoyed listening to it immensely, and I might even see what else her books have to offer. If you like romance, definitely give it a try. If you want to dabble in the genre, this one is a good bet.