I have not lost my mind and forgotten the name of one of Robert Louis Stevenson’s most famous characters. I finished The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Holmes. I am sure you can guess that the premise is that Sherlock Holmes becomes involved in the case of Sir Danvers Carew’s murder and eventually learns about Dr. Jekyll’s experiments that result in the appearance of Mr. Hyde. I too realized that with the title of the book, which actually took a little of the fun out of reading it.

I love a good mashup as much as the next person, but I’m not sure combining Stevenson’s story with Doyle’s detective was the best choice because the solution was just too obvious. With that being said, I did finish the book, and I was pleased with Loren Estleman’s portrayal of Holmes. I thought he did the thing properly and followed the logical order and investigative techniques that would have appeared in Doyle’s original portrayal.

I freely admit, however, that the beginning was difficult for me. There was just a bit too much of Holmes lording his brains over Watson to make me comfortable. I don’t like contemporary portrayals of Watson as a complete buffoon. It eventually evened out though, and I was able to enjoy a well-crafted mystery tale. Knowing the end wasn’t ideal, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying Estleman’s portrayal of some of my favorite literary characters.

How do you feel about literary mashups? Or about contemporary authors writing continuation stories for beloved tales/characters in general? If you’re a fan, what are some of your favorite Sherlock Holmes creations? Books, short stories, or TV shows are all up for discussion!