A Shade of Vampire Series

Several months ago I read the first book in the Shade of Vampire series by Bella Forrest. I also wrote about it: A Shade of Vampire. I decided not to write about the other  six books in the series individually because there really isn’t much to say about the whole series, much less each individual book. The titles of the other six books are as follows:

A Shade of Blood

A Castle of Sand

A Shadow of Light

A Blaze of Sun

A Gate of Night

A Break of Day

Looking at all the titles together makes me laugh because it explains why the books were so cheesy (also the cover art if I’m being honest). The first book was really interesting and great light reading, and I genuinely wanted to know what else would happen. That feeling continued through the next couple of books, and then out of nowhere the series exploded with insanity. Suddenly, every fantasy trope exploded out of the book. I continued listening, yes, out of curiosity for how it would end but mostly for amusement, which was not the author’s purpose at all. Suspension of disbelief became incredibly hard in the last two or three books.

The books are told from multiple perspectives with each chapter being narrated by a different character. This method was used very well at first because characters were slowly added to the narrator list as they were introduced/became more important. Perfect. But then A Break of Day happened. Suddenly, it was back to only the two main characters narrating, and it completely threw me off. It was almost as if the author got lazy, which is a big concern because there are at least 40 books in this series.

Yes. 40. Forty. Normally, I would not commit to a series that long, but in a description for the series it said Sophia and Derek’s story would wrap in book seven and explore other characters in the later books. Then I reach the end of the audio for book 7, and the cheery Audible guy says, “If you would like to know what else happens to Sophia and Derek, continue listening in book 8…” (Not actually an exact quote because spoilers). EXCUSE ME. Are you really telling me after throwing up every fantasy/romance trope on these two characters, you have more to say about them? Why? How? I was already fairly exhausted by the two after seven books. I was mildly curious about other characters, but now I know they’re the main characters again, I don’t feel like continuing with the series.

At some point, I might. They were satisfying for commute listening because, like I said earlier, they were easy to follow and ended up amusing me. I will just have to think long and hard about whether the story is really worth it. I’m not sure. If you like vampire/fantasy romance with a bit of outlandish flair, I’m sure you will like it.


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