I closed the book, looked at my dog, and said “daaaaayyuuuum.” 

I was going to put that somewhere later in the review, but it’s quite the catchy headline. 

I won The Taking by Kimberly Derting in a drawing from the library, which is how I know I’m blessed. As with my other recent reads, it has been sitting on my shelf patiently waiting to be read. 

I definitely should have read it earlier. It’s excellent sci-fi and a great beginning to a trilogy. I think what made it so impressive is how subtle it is and how she stays focused on the narrator’s fears and worries rather than jumping straight to solving all the mysteries and pushing the characters into action scenes. 

The writing reminded me the narrator was a teenager without bombarding me with ridiculous teenage stereotypes. The love story was a bit too quick considering the book spans 7 days. Yes. There’s a love story. It’s young adult. Of course, there’s a love story. 

I have to get the sequel because the cliffhanger is some Rick Riordan/Walking Dead mess, and I NEED ANSWERS. What worries me is that it says “The adventures continues in The Returned” instead of “the adventure concludes.” Really don’t know how deep this thing is about to go, but by golly, I’m going with it.