This weekend I decided to dive into the three books released by Pottermore last year. When they were released, many people were upset because they were expecting more “Harry Potter books.” Technically, that is what these are, but they’re not stories. They’re background information and extra tidbits about the characters, creatures, and creation of the Harry Potter universe. Essentially, it’s a collection of the information on Pottermore. Many people were peeved about that as well. 

As for me, I was pleased with these little books. If they had offered these when the Pottermore website went live, I would have happily picked these over the site. That’s not to say the site isn’t interesting or fun and people shouldn’t explore it; it just isn’t my thing. I liked these books because it helped me see the Harry Potter world more fully, and I got to see how different characters came to be. Understanding an author’s thought process and seeing material they didn’t get to fit in their books is absolutely fascinating to me. 

I also enjoyed them because J.K. Rowling’s literary voice is still there in what is essentially an encyclopedia. They are fun little books, and they were great fun for a weekend read.

After my last post, I’m sure everyone was expecting me to go down the Arthur Conan Doyle rabbit hole. I avoided it on purpose for two reasons: 1. I didn’t want to make a bunch of really similar blog posts in a row because I don’t love how those worked out for me before. 2. I don’t want my in-person loved ones to stab me in the eye for talking about Doyle or Holmes nonstop, which is a very real possibility. When I go down the rabbit hole, I jump in headfirst and don’t stop until I crash. Therefore, I’m going to steer myself in different directions as much as possible. Let’s see where it leads!