I’ve been trying to find ways to find new books that help me encounter things I wouldn’t usually pick up. I rarely read recently published books because I shop almost exclusively from the clearance rack unless something has come from a favorite author or the book catches my fancy for some reason. Otherwise, I wander around the clearance section, the library sale, or the used bookstore snooping around whatever genre I’m thinking about and pick up books almost at random. This year, I have made some interesting decisions about books:

  1. I will try not to shop like that for a few months. With a book collection clocking in at over 600 books, I really shouldn’t be doing the “buy 20 books at a time because they’re 50 cents” style anymore.
  2. During this book-binge-buying hiatus, I will only buy books already on my Amazon wishlist or sequels to books I already own.
  3. I shall love my Kindle more. I have a massive Kindle library, and I really need to start going through it more regularly. Maybe I should do one print book and then one Kindle book and back and forth.
  4. I shall love my library more. This might actually help me be more familiar with what is being published currently.
  5. To keep me from getting the buy new books itch, I signed up for Book of the Month Club. They give you five books to choose from each month, and you can add books if you like or skip the month if none of them intrigue you. Click the link if you would like to try this with me.
  6. I also signed up for eBook inBox at the beginning of December. They send you eBooks once a month, and it’s $7.99. They sent me six for the first month, so that’s pretty good in my eyes. Again, click the link if you would like to check it out.

I’m not sure how either of the services will go, but I know they will bring me some new reads that I wouldn’t normally pick up myself. It will also, surprisingly, save me money because I won’t have the need to go to the book store. Knowing that new books are coming once (technically twice) a month should keep the itch away. There are a ton of other book subscription services out there. I’ll give a shout out to OwlCrate, which I’ve tried before and loved. It comes with one Young Adult book and some goodies based on a new theme each month. I really enjoyed their boxes, but I didn’t need the knick knacks (I have a knick knack problem). I highly recommend it. I’ll also mention LitCube. I got their special Jane Austen box and not the subscription service, but the box was amazing. I have full faith in their team to put together great monthly boxes. A great way to check out different subscription boxes is Instagram because people (including me) really love to post their monthly surprises.

This year I want to try quality over quantity when it comes to buying books. Let’s see what my bookshelves and these services have to offer!