Overall, it’s been a pretty good book year for me. I found some new favorites, including Scrappy Little NobodyHector and the Search for HappinessStation Eleven, and others. Goodreads made a neat little infographic about the books I read this year. They didn’t make it a saveable image unfortunately, but I snipped some interesting parts from it.


First things first, the totals! As you can see I read 78 books in 2016, and I’m hoping to reach 80 next year. The page count is staggering. I never think about the number of books I read in terms of page total, and it’s awesome to see it counted up. I realize because of different editions and what not it isn’t exactly right, but I know it’s close and, therefore, still cool.


This one is just interesting.


I just can’t believe that Medieval Writers and Their Work is the least popular book I’ve read. I mean, my goodness! Doesn’t that sound like the most exciting book you could ever read? Well… Goodreads was right. Yea, it was helpful, but blehh… As for Pride and Prejudice, it’s a classic for a reason.


I thought it was funny that Assata was the highest rated book I’ve read this year because it was my least favorite book of the year.

I really enjoyed looking at my year in review to remind myself about all the book adventures I went on, and I hope they do it next year too. Here’s hoping for 80 books and more favorites in 2017!