I actually had a plan to read two Christmas books and post about them on Christmas Eve or Christmas day, and I admit that I failed miserably. I didn’t have a chance to read very much the few days before Christmas or on the day, but it is no loss because I was spending time with loved ones. Since I didn’t finish this book until after Christmas, I decided to leave the other Christmas book until next year.

I’m sure you can guess what Elizabeth Berg’s The Handmaid and the Carpenter is about since I said it was a Christmas book plus the big hint in the picture. It is surprisingly less about Christmas than I thought it would be. Rather, it is about exactly what the title suggests: Mary and Joseph. It is a novelization of how they met, their betrothal, how the angel’s visit to Mary affected them, and their life together afterwards. It is a very condensed version of the story as the book is only 153 pages long, but I liked it. It leans more towards focusing on how Joseph felt after the angel announces that Mary will give birth to Jesus; I’ve always contemplated that, and I think Berg does a good job of showing how Joseph may have felt. The book focuses on the importance of unconditional love and forgiving loved ones. It is a sweet story about love and testing convictions.

The Handmaid and the Carpenter was not the best book I’ve ever read, but it was well worth the read. I might keep it to reread this time next year. I might look for similar stories to see what other authors have thought about the topic. It’s a fascinating read for anyone.

Did anyone else read some interesting Christmas or holiday (I really mean any holiday) stories they would recommend?