I have been trying to get better about posting more regularly. If you write a blog, you know it’s difficult, especially when the rest of life gets busy. I would like to say this absence and picture are due to an awesome vacation I am on, but it isn’t. I’ve mostly been in sweatpants, but I don’t have a picture of me in sweatpants that shows an odd amount of contentment; therefore, this old one from a summer trip in 2015 will have to do. Normally, during school/work breaks, I breeze through books like I’m terrified I don’t have even lifetime to read everything I want to read (actual fear to be honest). This week has been odd for me though, and I’ve had some interesting challenges to my reading:

  • I listened to shorter works in my Audible account and didn’t feel the need to gush or to verbally destroy anything. I listened to “Little Donkey” by Jodi Taylor, which was a free short story on Audible. It was a cute, funny story perfect for Christmas (Boom. 30 second review). I also listened to Time for Yesterday by A.C. Crispin on Audible. It’s a Star Trek novel, and I was happy because it was narrated by Leonard Nimoy and James Doohan (pause for moment of silence or river of tears). However, the story itself was hard to follow in audio for some reason. I wasn’t hanging on the edge like I do with other Star Trek novels, TV episodes, or movies. (Boom. 30 second review #2). So overall, eh on my recent Audible adventures. I have a few more in my online queue, and I will gladly accept any Audible recommendations anyone has!
  • I started a book and gave up on it fairly quickly. It was The City of Dark Magic by Magnus Flyte, and I just…ugh. This book has been waiting on my shelf for a very long time, and I was completely on board with the idea of the plot. Then weird, random sex was thrown into the middle of it. “Thrown in” and “random” are the best possible words to describe it. If I knew more throwy iny or randomy terms, I would use them because they’re needed. The inclusions of those scenes were so utterly out of nowhere that it actually distracted me from the plot because I was trying to figure out what I missed. Not to mention, it made me absolutely hate the main character because *spoiler alert* she goes through this thought process:
    • “Oh, he’s a bad guy. He might be partly responsible for the death of someone I really care about… Imma bang him.” *bangs him* (sort of). That happens in, I think, a three page span. Why? Just…why?
  • One day, I accidentally played Lego Harry Potter on my PlayStation for 8 hours. I don’t even regret it to be honest.
  • I’ve been binge-watching my favorite show (Arrow) with my boyfriend who has never seen it. Full disclosure, no regrets here either. Except maybe that it is nearly impossible for me not to explode and explain everything that happens later. I need to fangirl. Hard. But alas, I cannot.
  • I don’t want to get out of bed. Yes, I could read in my bed in the morning, but I haven’t had the drive. I seriously spend one to two hours content in my blanket burrito in the morning because I’m just so happy not to have a mountain of things to do. I usually only get up because my dog starts whining and staring at me in the most judgmental way. You might be thinking, “He’s a dog. He can’t be judgmental.” But trust me, dachshunds are very judgmental, sassy little creatures.
  • Speaking of dachshunds, the book I’m reading has one. So yes, in the midst of all this weirdness, I have been reading, just not at my usual Usain Bolt clip. I’m reading The Gates by John Connolly, which is wonderful so far. I only have about 100 pages left, so you will hear more soon.


I decided to share this list because of blogger’s guilt that I haven’t posted recently, but also I feel like you, my fellow readers, will understand. Books are our friends, but like all amazing friends, sometimes you go off and hang out with other friends for awhile. And it’s okay because you know that amazing friend will always be there to welcome you home.