As it turns out, I was able to control myself and not write three parts for The Salmon of Doubt. I also didn’t finish it as quickly as I thought I would. I was still wildly entertained by the last two parts, but the end of the semester happened. Therefore, instead of reading books, I was writing about how to organize them (yay information sciences degree!).

Like the first part, The Universe (part 2) and Everything (part 3) of the book were funny and surprisingly wise. This book was an easy, relaxing read, which is exactly what I wanted towards the end of the semester. I highly recommend it. If you’re not sold yet, here are some awesome quotes:


“Now this, I have to say, is the sort of thing the British are very bad at dealing with. There’s nothing in our background, upbringing, or education that teaches you how to deal with someone who in broad daylight has just stolen your cookies.”

“They claimed it was for the sake of their grandparents and grandchildren, but it was of course for the sake of their grandparents’ grandchildren, and their grandchildren’s grandparents.”