Vampire Stories is a collection of short stories by Arthur Conan Doyle about, well, vampires. The stories are all about different kinds of vampires from flesh eating plants to someone who takes control of another person’s mind. The collection shows readers Doyle’s range as a writer and the variety that exists within the vampire mythos. The stories are scary and intriguing, and they’re all very different. The stories show the very human habit of leaning towards a supernatural explanation until the natural one is explained.

Sherlock Holmes and the stories that Doyle wrote about him are amazing and some of my favorites, but READ ALL OF ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE. I haven’t been disappointed yet, and you won’t be either.

Not only are the stories great, but the book itself is great too. The editor did a fantastic job. The introduction is awesome, and I could tell the editor was excited about the stories, which made me more excited. Each story is followed by a brief explanation of the context of the story complete with authors and titles of similar stories. The introduction and the notes give you a good sense of Doyle within his writing community. The last story in the book is not by Doyle. It is by Bill Crider, a modern mystery writer. In his story, Holmes and Watson encounter Van Helsing and Stoker , a fitting end for a book that talks so much about the connection between Doyle and Stoker.

Everything about Vampire Stories was entertaining and fun. As with all of Doyle’s work, I will probably read it again one day.