Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blogging challenge created by The Broke and the Bookish. It’s a fun way to get yourself thinking about books in different ways. Try it out for yourself. Read the details here.

The challenge for today was actually to talk about anything book related, but frankly, it’s been a long day. I’m just too tired to think of a more specific topic. Plus people tend to ask why I love books so much a lot. Therefore, here are my top ten reasons for loving books.

1. You don’t need electricity for books. Sometimes I just don’t want to be around technology. More practically, sometimes the power goes out. Books are always there to entertain you.

2. Books are portable. As I said before, books are always there to entertain you. I love being outside, and books are perfect for accompanying me. I’ve toted a book with me the past two days to the hospital to read while I wait. Super convenient.

3. Speaking of the hospital, books are great breaks from reality. Sometimes life is hard or boring, and we need a break. There’s an entire world in your hand when you’re holding a book.

4. There’s a book for every mood. My other forms of entertainment don’t provide that as well.

5. Books are pretty cheap. I buy most books secondhand, so they’re the cheapest thing I spend money on.

6. Exploring used bookstores is super fun. There’s something really special about digging around and finding treasures.

7. Books are like time machines. They help you understand ideas and daily life from earlier times.

8. Books make me a more understanding and empathetic person. Books normally show a variety of perspectives, so you get a chance to view situations from multiple sides and learn about how you react to certain things and why.

9. Books connect me to other people. Because of books, I chose a major, made a ton of new friends, and decided on a career. I connected with fellow English majors and my coworkers at the library much better than with people in my other classes or at other jobs.

10. Books are just plain fun.