Books about Books Part 2: Smitten Book Club

The third book in my week(ish) of reading books about books is Smitten Book Club. It was my first foray into Christian romance, and I really liked it! It is actually four short story/novella length stories by four authors. The entire book is about four friends who live in a small town and their adventure with an old book of a lady’s advice for attracting a gentleman found in an attic. The four stories are linked by the women’s friendship, the book, a treasure hunt, and, of course, love. Each woman gets the book in turn, and it helps each of them in fun ways.

Coble’s Love by the Book

The first story of the four focuses on Heather and her old flame Paul. The story is very quick and didn’t have any extraneous detail. It is mostly written with crisp, realistic dialogue. I liked the style, but I thought some detail could have been added. I think this one was my least favorite of the four, but it was still an enjoyable and interesting story.

Billerbeck’s Shelved Under Romance

The second story focuses on Abby, her low self-esteem, her refusal to exit her comfort zone, and Wyatt, who wants to help her do just that. I identify with Abby so hard. One of the most striking elements of this story is that it contains a lesson about assuming you know what God wants for you and what his plan is.

Hunt’s A New Chapter

The third story is about Lia and Joey, the boy she’s loved since elementary school. This story is the most Christian of the three because the focus is about letting go and letting God. I thought this one focused on Joey’s feelings more than Lia’s, but his were more complicated. This story is the most heart-wrenching of the four.

Hunter’s Happily Ever After

The final story is about Molly and her very attractive business competitor, Gage. This story is all about grief and moving on. It is a really appropriate ending to the book.

The stories mesh incredibly well, and it’s easy to forget you’re reading four authors. I loved this book, and good news! There are two other ones because it’s a series. I’m not sure what the other ones are about, but I’ve already looked around for them. I also feel the need to mention I adore that cover art!


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