Top Ten Tuesday is exactly what it sounds like: a weekly challenge to make a list of ten things you think are great. It was started by The Broke and the Bookish. Here is my first attempt.

Top Ten Websites I Dig that Are Not Book Related

  1. FutureLearn: This website is basically free online school. There are a number of classes that range in subject and number of weeks to take them. So far, I have enrolled in courses about underwater archaeology, writing applications for jobs, being an online student, connections between literature and mental health, and Shakespeare and his world. The site allows me to explore topics of my choice with professors from top universities for free!
  2. Facebook: I like Facebook because I get to see my family and friends that live far away. Plus it is a hub for all the sites I like. Being able to follow a bunch of different pages about a variety of topics is awesome, and it’s really not a surprise that so many people end up on Facebook a billion times throughout the day.
  3. Instagram: It has the same positives as Facebook. I get to see people I love, and I also get to follow accounts that are inspirational, funny, or focused on cute animals.
  4. Pinterest: I really like looking at puppies and superheroes.
  5. Bing: The obvious plus side of this site is that you earn points for doing internet searches that you can trade in for gift cards. The other thing I really like about it though is the picture of the day because it is always something new and interesting for me to look at and read about.
  6. Amazon Smile: The Smile version of Amazon donates a portion of your purchases to a charity of your choice.

Well I may not have picked the best Top Ten Tuesday because I can’t actual fill the entire list, but I tried. See you next week for Ten Books I Picked Up On A Whim.