The SciSquad Space themed box was fantastic! The graphic novel was The Manhattan Projects, and the comic was “Joyride.” I loved them both! I went to the comic book store after reading them today to get the first couple books of the graphic novel series and to find out when the next issue of the comic would be out.


“Joyride” is set in Earth’s future, and the planet is encased in a giant metal shell and ruled by one government, which is definitely lying about everything. Stars are apparently a secret, and everything in space is trying to kill you according to the government. Two people decide to escape Earth.

It’s a great concept. It reminds me a little of one of my favorite book trilogies, Across the Universe by Beth Revis, except that one is in a space ship that’s supposed to be going to a planet for colonization. I liked the art in this, and the story was gripping and surprising. I can’t wait to read the other three.

The Manhattan Projects

The Manhattan Projects starts with an alien causing trouble, and then it moves on to who you think is the hero. This set up mirrors a lot of great science fiction, like some Star Trek episodes and The Fifth Element (which I am watching as I write this). I luh-uh-uhved The Manhattan Projects! It has everything: betrayal, space cowboy-ing, a monster that looks like a mix between a brain and a kraken. At the end of it, I’m really not sure who the hero is, and everybody in it may be an antihero or a villain or I don’t know. There are some funny bits and some shocking plot twists. I didn’t expect the ending at all, and I’m a hard person to surprise with endings. It has these clever references sprinkled throughout the panels. There is one full page picture of a robot workshop, and it shows famous robots from C-3PO to the Jetsons’ maid. I had fun just staring at that page and picking out robots. Then there was this amazing panel with Shawshank Redemption references:

20160430_092719.jpgIf you like Guardians of the Galaxy, read this. If you like Harry Mudd from Star Trek or Han Solo from Star Wars, read this. If you like space stories, read this. If you like adventure, read this. Just read it.

I bought the first two at the comic store after reading this one, which is the sixth. I will also be getting 3, 4, and 5.

Here’s what else was in the box if you’re curious. SciSquad is a great box, and I highly recommend it. The theme for May is atomic robots!