Library sales are amazing. Luckily, my local library has one twice a year. At today’s spring sale, I got this awesome stack of books:


I got all of these for 5 dollars. FIVE!

As you can see, I have quite an odd assortment here. I picked up Full Fathom Five because I remembered the title but couldn’t remember what it was about or where I heard the name. I picked up E.M. Forster’s Maurice because we watched the movie version in my Gay and Lesbian Literature class, which I remember liking, so I figured why not. For the others, I was playing the judge books by their covers game. I didn’t finish reading the descriptions of any of them, and I think this game worked in my favor.

I got these three which I picked up solely because of the covers:


I mean what the heck is the one in the middle? Gun, with Occasional Music is the title. There’s a kangaroo in a suit. A shifty man reaching for something. The gun of the title? A cigarette? An inhaler because he’s allergic to kangaroo dander? Who knows?! Of course, I needed it.

I got this one because I plan on having a week where I read books about books. Recommendations welcome.


These two because dogs:


And finally two books about women talking about life and one about a woman writing about women talking about life. Meta? Bookception? I’m not sure, but it will be an interesting combination.


Yay library sale!