So a few days ago I was reading this article about packing books for vacation on Book Riot (their articles are awesome. Follow them. (On social media. Don’t stalk people; that’s rude.)) The article was discussing methods for choosing a proper number and collection of books to take…on a SEVEN day vacation. When I travel, I tend to take one book that I haven’t started, or I grab an extra if I’m half to three quarters through a book (usually a Star Trek paperback because they’re tiny, I have a thousand of them, and Spock is ALWAYS the right answer). I do normally bring my Kindle, which of course houses a library, but it’s also a tablet. The article made me feel like this was the proper number of books to consider taking on vacation:


Here’s my question with this vacation library business: how many books do people read at a time?! My limit is pretty much always two. Sometimes I’m reading multiple things for school, but not for fun. If I do end up reading two things for fun, it’s normally because I decided to read a graphic novel or comic while I’m working on another book. The single book habit just sort of naturally happened for me, and I’m just curious about other people’s preferences. Maybe multiple books at once seems crazy to me because I read super fast and normally finish a book in one or two days (not user crazy, but when I try to imagine myself doing it I get overwhelmed, which would make me crazy. If you are a multiple book reader, you amaze me).

I see articles like this one a lot where people talk about the problems of having a long currently reading list. I just don’t understand them. I’m curious to hear about others’ habits.