The Immaterial Girl and SpiderGwen

For my first adventure in reading what I want after the comprehensive exam, I decided to read the graphic novel and comic that came in my first SciSquad box.*

2016-04-24 12.54.19

Both of these were fascinating in ways that left me slightly unhappy/confused. We’ll discuss SpiderGwen first, even though I read it second.

I hate the internet, and this comic is a great way for me to explain why. I was so hyped for this, and as it turns out, I was over-hyped. SpiderGwen got her own comic largely because the internet/fans at cons went crazy for her. Lady Spiderman, yes. Amazing costume, yes. And they apparently loved the rest of her first appearance (I know where it is, but I haven’t actually read that comic). Naturally, after such rave reviews, I thought the character would blow me away and that the first issue of her stand-alone story would rocket the story into favoritedom for me. Alas, no. There were two villains (both weird), everyone hates SpiderGwen and thinks she’s a criminal, and The MaryJanes is a band and Peter Parker’s exes were apparently in it together. That is a lot. Not only was it a bit much plot-wise, but I also didn’t love Gwen’s character so much; she had no umph, and I don’t even really remember anything she said. I am very happy it was in the box and that I got to read it because we could use more lady superhero recognition. The art was cool, and I think they made excellent choices in that department. I mean, look at that cover! Gorgeous. I’m just sad the internet set me up for the greatest comic ever, and it ended up feeling like the middle-est comic ever.

Now about Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl. Whaaaaaaat? That was my initial reaction. This story was slightly confusing, but I really enjoyed it because of its originality. I had to stew on it for a little while to decide if I liked it. I realized that it was probably confusing because I hadn’t read the first two stories in this series (this is the third); they’re stand-alone stories, but there was probably some crucial world building that I missed out on. In this one, a girl sells a half of herself for…magic? I think everyone has magic though, so I’m not sure on that front. But the half that she sold is trapped in music videos. Crazy. It was a fun story, and if you like pop culture references, there are so many in here (SO MANY). I might check out the other stories in the series because the concept is just that fascinating.


*SciSquad is a subscription box that sends a graphic novel every month and other awesome nerd stuff (the t-shirt in the picture was an Indiegogo gift, so that’s not a regular thing). I really loved this first box, and their communication with customers is fast and super friendly. They had a bit of a rocky start, but they made sure customers knew the issues and that they were working on them. Plus each box had a handwritten note thanking the customer for subscribing. I’m a sucker for handwritten notes, I admit. If you want to give it a try, click here.**

**I am not paid to say nice things. I just think since I enjoy a business and what they provide I should support it and spread the love. 🙂


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