Well I spent way too much money this month (yes already). I decided I shall not buy any new clothes for two months, and I shall buy nothing at all for one month (food and outings are okay, but no material goods). I’m happy with this. I have enough stuff, and I need to focus on the less material for awhile.

THEN I REALIZED I’M ALMOST  DONE WITH A BOOK, AND I DON’T OWN THE NEXT ONE YET. Do I cave and buy it? Do I wait until I have enough points from Bing and mPlaces to get an Amazon gift card (obviously this is the right choice, but I’m going to angst about this as long as I feel like it)?

Alas, I might ruin my own good intentions and hurt only myself, but at least I’ll have that book.

P.S. I’m working on The Autobiography of Malcolm X and Hector and the Search for Lost Time. I’m having a strange relationship with Malcolm, but as always, I adore Hector. More on both of these in the next week (probably).